Day: May 22, 2018

Almonds and Water Use

Almonds and Water Use

Almonds and Water Use


“How much water do Almonds use?”


One of the most popular crops in my home state of California is the Almond. Almonds are loved around the world for their nutritional benefits and plant-based protein. However, like any bit of produce, they also require resources to grow. Popular sources have stated that each nut requires a whopping 1.1 gallons (around 4.16 liters) to grow! However, that only tells a part of the story. It turns out that Almond trees have multiple uses such as removing pollution from the air and being turned into firewood. In fact, the Almond industry has grown by 60% in California since the 90s while its water consumption has remained flat. Therefore, when reading about information online, be sure to always check empirical facts.