“Where does trash go?”
Every second of every hour of every day humanity disposes of large volumes of trash. However, have you ever wondered where this trash goes? Well, let’s use our engineering mindsets to figure out. One very lazy way is just to dump everything under a big pile of land and cover it up to not worry about it! These systems are known as landfills and are used all over the world, from the plains of North America to the forests of Europe.

2 thoughts on “Landfills

  1. And in some places (e.g. Brazil), they just dump the trash anywhere (without covering them). There are some educational programs to teach how to correctly dispose them, but some people just don’t care.

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    1. Interesting, thank you for sharing Fernando. Hopefully, both of our countries can get their act together when it comes to waste management. I can’t believe how wasteful people in the U.S can be, it’s because of our lack of foresight that we trash the most on the planet

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