Liquid fluoride thorium reactors

Liquid fluoride thorium reactors

Liquid fluoride thorium reactors


“How can we actually make thorium energy a reality?”
Thorium energy is definitely not like your grandparent’s form of nuclear energy. Because of this, the engineering design for its reactors must be significantly different. First, instead of using liquid water to power this system, why not use liquid fluoride? This element is chemically stable, strong against radiation damage, have a high volumetric heat capacity, and can operate at high temperatures while remaining at normal pressures. Next, let’s think about how to implement this. First, let’s feed the salt into the reactor core. The fission from the thorium/uranium decomposition will heat this salt, which can then be transferred through a pipe to heat up a gas which drives a turbine which created electricity. We can then use the excess salt to flow back into the core to be recycled, and the waste heat from the gas can then be used to desalinate water

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