Thorium energy

Thorium energy

Thorium energy


“Wait, there’s another way to make nuclear energy?”
Traditional nuclear power plants use the decomposition of uranium 235 through fission to generate energy. However, This process is unstable and dangerous. But is there another way that we can generate nuclear energy? Well, let’s use our engineering mindset to find out. If look into fundamental chemistry, we will run into a most peculiar atom known as thorium. When Thorium is hit by an extra neutron, it will begin a decay process that ends with a transformation into uranium 233, which will produce energy when the object itself is hit by a neutron.  One of the primary benefits of thorium energy is that it does not produce Uranium 238, therefore being much less pollutive on a 10,000-year scale, as well as being more plentiful. Many countries (notably India and China) are looking in to develop their own Thorium energy systems, and it might prove to be the nuclear power of the future.

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