Diffraction grating

Diffraction grating

Diffraction grating


“What happens when we shine wave through a large chain of small holes?”
Optics is a most enjoyable branch of science. And one of it’s most peculiar facets occurs from a most simple setup. Suppose that one were to have two sheets of metal facing each other. Then one were to cut a large number of rectangular holes evenly spaced throughout one sheet and finally shine a light upon it. What exactly would happen? Well, let’s use our knowledge of science to figure this out. We know that when a ray of light hits a small opening, a wave will be produced. And we also know that when waves interfere with one another, a superposition will be produced. Now let’s apply this to this physical system. The light incident upon these holes will produce many waves, which will then collide on the opposing sheet. These waves will then either interfere constructively or destructively with one another, causing a pattern of bright and dark spots to occur. These spots will be spaced from one another in a ratio corresponding to the wavelengths of the light beams, the width of the diffraction gratings, and the distance between the two sheets

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