“What is a crystal?”
No other material has captivated the imagination of humanity more than crystals. These otherworldly structures have been used for all forms of practices, ranging from pagan rituals to pseudoscientific medical therapies. However, as scientific thinkers, we must not be satisfied with primordial definitions and must analyze what these objects are in their true nature. If one were to shrink down to the size of a molecule and explore the inner fabric of a crystal, then they would find an entire world of atoms fashioned in patterned arrangements. And this is exactly what constitutes a crystal, a solid with a patterned arrangement of atoms! Crystals tend to form when liquids cool and harden, since when the atoms cool they tend to gather together in an ordered manner to form a crystal lattice. Crystals have no “special magical powers” and are as bounded to the laws of nature and you and me.

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