Quantized energy

Quantized energy

Quantized energy


“How does energy work on the quantum scale?”
Energy is a most bewildering phenomena. It is the very thing that literally drives the physical universe, yet we have no complete understanding of it. I fact, our understanding of energy breaks down even further when we go into the quantum world. On this scale, energy is not a continuous but a discrete phenomena! This means that energy comes in chunks instead of being “On a scale”. Let me elaborate using a metaphor. on the human scope, energy is measured like the volume of a liquid, it’s size can occupy a whole range of values, going into myriads of different decimals places, while on the quantum magnitude, energy is measured like drops of the liquid, being indivisible (for example, you can’t have half a drop of water). Energy in the quantum world through waves of light in units called quanta, Which are equal to a measurement called Planck’s constant (numerically equivalent to 6.63*10^-34 joules seconds) times the wavelength of the light. This relationship can be symbolically represented as E=h*lambda, with E being energy h being Plank’s constant, and lambda being the wavelength of light.

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