Boron carbide

Boron carbide

Boron carbide


“Why is bullet proof armor bullet proof?”
We are all probably familiar with bullet proof vests. These amazing pieces of technology have saved countless of lives through their simple yet intuitive design. However, what makes these vests so durable? Well, the answer lies in it’s composition, specifically, the fact that it’s made out of a very special compound called Boron carbide. A single molecule of Boron carbide is derived from four boron atoms and one carbon atom. But this is not just what makes boron carbide special. What makes this molecule special is it’s extreme durability. Namely, the fact that it is the third hardest substance known to humanity behind diamond and cubic boron nitrade. And out of these three substances, it is the only one that can be easily mass-produced! Because of this, Boron carbide is the number one choice for application in military necessities such as ballistic armor, tank covering, and even nuclear plating! Boron carbide also has non-military applications found in high pressure jet cutter nozzles, padlocks, and for control rods in nuclear power generation.

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