Isaac Gendler


“What are some special properties of Lithium?”


When taking a chemistry class, one will learn about an element known as lithium. Lithium has an atomic number of three, so it contains around three neutrons and is an alkaline metal as a result. The atomic weight of lithium is 6.941, and has a density of 0.534 grams per cubic centimeter. Since Lithium has a melting point of 180.5 degrees Celsius,  and a boiling point of 1342 degrees Celsius, this element is a solid at room temperature. Lithium is light and soft, so soft in fact that it could be cut with a knife. For Astrophysicists, Lithium poses a problem, since the amount of Lithium that has been predicted to have been produced during the big bang is actually three times as high then what is empirically observed in stars!

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