3-phase electrical motor

3-phase electrical motor

3-phase electrical motor



“How can further we optimize an AC motor?”
We have a problem. AC motors by themselves are very inefficient for turning large armatures due to the fact that the voltage variation does not provide enough power to turn it. However, as engineers, how could we solve such an issue? Well, how about instead of having just one phase of electricity, we have three distinct phases of electricity acting simultaneously! Now let’s think about how we can implement this. If the voltage variation of an AC motor goes through a 360 degree cycle, then we can split this cycle up into 3 120 degree parts, and have one cycle shifted 0 degrees, one shifted forward 120 degrees, and another shifted backwards 120 degrees so everything is mathematically precise! Engineers have termed this setup a 3-phase electrical motor. Not only does this setup drastically increase the power one could use, but it also makes it easier to rectify AC current in to DC

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