AC motors

AC motors

AC motors


“How can we apply AC electricity to motor technology?”

Motors are undoubtedly one of the most useful inventions by humanity. However, how can we integrate this concept with AC electricity? Well, let’s build such a machine in our mind first. This machine will have two primary parts, a stationary stator and a rotary rotor.  The stator consists of a series of highly permeable steel laminations cast inside a circular frame. Winding will pass through this stator, and when AC current is passed through this winding, an electromagnetic field will be formed. This current will go in three phases, so each starts at a different third of the AC cycle, and because of these three different phases, a constantly rotating magnetic field will be formed. A conducting cage will be housed inside the stator to act as a rotar. Since conductors experience a force when exposed to a constantly changing magnetic field, the rotor will begin to rotate, causing mechanical power to be generated. The Speed of the rotor is called the rotor speed, and the speed of the magnetic field is called the synchronous speed. Due to the laws of physics, the rotor will never be able to catch up to the synchronous speed.


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