Air compressors

Air compressors

Air compressors


“Is it possible to store potential energy into pressurized air?”

Human society requires energy to be stored in various of forms. Wouldn’t it be useful if we could store all of that potential energy in pressurized air? Well, thanks to civilization’s ingenuity, air compressors have been invented to do that. Air compressors come in two types: positive displacement (which forces air into a chamber which decreases in volume to compress the air) and dynamic displacement (Which uses rotating machinery to impart kinetic energy on to the air). There are many forms of the positive displacement, such as a piston type (Which uses a kinetic energy from a piston t store compressed air), rotary screw compressors (which uses positive displacement that matches two helical screws and guides air into a chamber), and vane compressors (Which uses a slotted rotor with a variable blade placement to guide air into a chamber and compress the volume). Air compressors are often used to work with jack hammers and rotary screws.

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