Hall effect and applications

Hall effect and applications

Hall effect and applications                   04/29/30


Have you ever wondered what would happen if a magnetic field interacted with a conductive plate? If so, then you have just independently postulated the hall effect. Suppose we have a current going through a conductive plate. As one know, there is a net movement of electrons within the material. Also known is that a magnetic field will cause a deflection of charge, it’s direction depending on it’s charge. So wouldn’t it be logical that if a magnetic field were to come in contact with the plate which contains a net movement of charge, That the charges would become polarized to each side of the plate? And as a second order effect, the new disposition of charges would cause a voltage to be created?


One very important application of the hall effect to the field of Mechanical Engineering is known at the Wheel speed sensor. If we put such a device parallel to a rotating wheel, then the rotation of the  gears of the wheel would induce a magnetic field. If one is able to measure the changing magnetic field, then it would only be logical that we would be able to obtain a measurement for the RPM

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